about us  
Adithya Construction is a partnership concern. The company was incorporated in 2010 by Rajesh Kumar. From a small beginning of doing piecemeal electrical works, the company has attained a highly recognized status in the Indian industrial landscape. Our Company got approved by the Central Government of India (Company Reg No: E140) and hence we were assigned with Government projects at Military Engineering Service (MES) in Chennai on 2010. All this happened because of our very sincere works each one of which is completed well within the stipulated time period. Some of the major projects completed by us are External Electrification at OTA, Internal Wiring at Military Hospital, Planning and Operations OTA, 100 ORS at Nandabakkam, DGQA etc., Repairs & Maintenance at Military Officers Residential area, Periodical service like painting works are done in MES.

Now our Company is a member of All India Military Engineering Builders Association (Registration No: 10365). We are hopeful of reaching greater heights as days go on.
No. 16/64, Periyar Salai,
Chennai - 600 018.